Discover Engaging Topics with Mike Ashcraft
Playful, Positive, Power-Packed Presentations!

Are you ready to explore a world of insightful learning with a dash of humor, inspiration, and a whole lot of practicality?  Mike brings you a repertoire of captivating topics that cover a wide range of subjects, from child-specific topics like guidance, teambuilding, and curriculum to staff-specific topics like customer service, leadership, and positive relationships.

The following are a few examples of the types of learning opportunities Mike provides. Several topics are appropriate as keynote events. Most topics can be adapted for full-day or one-hour sessions. Some are great when blended together. He can create multi-day experiences that meet your needs. Tell us what you want; he’ll design something that delivers!

  • Programming: for beginning – advanced program/camp staff working directly with children and youth.
    • 8 Habits of Highly Effective Afterschool Leaders: Powerful Skills, Strategies, and Competencies.
    • Super Tools for Super Programs: Environments, Relationships, and Experiences
    • Growing Grit: More advanced tools for helping kids develop social and emotional competencies.
    • Games that Build Community F.A.S.T.: Teambuilding for staff that they can also take into the programs to use with children and youth.
    • Brain Smart Programming: Apply the neuroscience of stress, the science of play, and the science of enrichment to child and youth development programming.
    • STEM: Hands-On STEM Workshop for OST/Camps. Additional fees apply for science materials, shipping, and handling.
  • Leadership: for Emerging and Experienced Leaders
    • Learning to Lead: Leading to Learn: Systems Thinking and Leadership Theory meets real-life practical leadership in OST Programs/Organizations.
    • Steps to Building a Culture of Caring: Vision and Values, Mistakes, Feedback, Listening, and Making Culture Stick.
    • Customer Service: Making “Raving Fans” of children, families, staff, and schools.
    • Brain Smart Staff Training: the neuroscience of increasing participation, giving directions, and structuring staff learning events.

Contact Mike today. Get ready to be entertained, enlightened, and inspired!