FAQs for Event Planners

  • Q: How do you want your room set up?  
    A: I like to move around and to be on the same floor level as the audience so that we can interact more easily.  If a stage is necessary for a large audience to be able to see, an open stage is best, no podium.  Please provide a couple of presenter tables at the front of the room for a sound system, workshop materials and props.  The desired room setup can be either theatre-style or classroom-style, as long as it is “loosely packed.”  There is a lot of music and movement in all workshops. Tables or too many /tightly packed chairs prevent movement. If there is plenty of space and you want round table for note taking, we strongly suggest a “half crescent” configuration, so that all of the chairs face the front of the room (stage).  The workshops are fun and also LOUD. Real walls and not partitions help ensure our music and fun does not bother other workshops.  
  • Q: What are your audio-visual needs?  
    A: For all audiences, standard: please provide a flip chart, projector stand with power strip, two presenter’s tables and a screen appropriate to the size of the audience.  I will travel with my own music system and laptop.  For small audiences or rooms without a lot of ambient lighting, I can provide a multi-media projector.  For large audiences, keynote presentations, or rooms with a lot of ambient lighting, I require an appropriately bright projector.  For large audiences/rooms I will require voice amplification with a wireless lavaliere microphone.  
  • Q: Does CC have an agreement or contract to sign?
    A: Most meeting planners have their own contracts, so typically we sign agreements generated by the contractor. If the contractor needs no formal agreement in writing, it is not necessary. 
  • Q: How are travel expenses handled?
    A: For simplicities sake, I prefer to quote a single fee to include all travel expenses. After the training event, I will send an invoice for the agreed upon amount. Some agencies require expenses to be separated out of the fee, with a separate accounting of each actual expense after-the-fact. I am happy to accommodate this request and will do whatever makes things it easiest for the client.
  • Q: What about handouts?
    A: I will provide a master handout via email for the contractor to make copies of and distribute. 
  • Q: What else should we provide?  
    A: If you want our ADVICE? We suggest nametags and pens for all learners.  Water is important for the brain, so drinking water is recommended.  A sustained level of glucose is good for learning, so some easily accessible candy or other snacks is helpful.  If you make copies of handout in advance – please do not distribute them in advance.  We sometimes distribute handouts and other resources in playful and novel ways as an intentional part of the program. You can provide certificates and workshop evaluations, or we can provide them upon request.
  • Q: Can we videotape the presentations?  
    A: Because of licensing issues with visual images included in our presentation, video/digital recording is prohibited.  
  • Q: Can we have copies of the PowerPoint Presentation?
    A: We are happy to provide “hard copies” of the most relevant slides as part of the participant handout.  We can provide a digital copy of the handout as a pdf file with 9 slides per page. Because of licensing issues with the visual images included in our presentation, as well as our own intellectual property protections, we cannot provide a digital copy of the PowerPoint Presentation itself.