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Leading to Learn: Learning to Lead –
Organizational Leadership for the
Child Care and Youth Development DirectorLeading to Learn

By Michael S. Ashcraft and Chelsea W. Ashcraft
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© 2011

206 pages, paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9829526-1-0

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Often times, people who work well with children become leaders and administrators of the program. The purpose of this book is to help those leaders be more effective. Good leaders are always learning. They learn to lead, and they lead to learn. Good leaders help others learn, thus creating more leaders.


This book is fun and conversational. Mike and Chelsea Ashcraft speak warmly to the leaders of children's programming. The book addresses issues like vision, change, diversity, and supervision. The pages are full of wise quotes, profound stories, and fun activities.


Enjoy Mike and Chelsea's wisdom, experience, knowledge and sense of humor as you learn to lead and lead to learn!

Best Practices: bestpractices
Guidelines for Quality Afterschool Programs

By Michael S. Ashcraft and Chelsea W. Ashcraft

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© 2015

149 pages, paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9861126-0-7


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This book looks at the best practices for school-age programs—tying together brain research, children's development, and the theories of school age child development. Building off solid research and theory, Chelsea and Mike Ashcraft give us a guidebook for planning and implementing quality school age programs.


Chelsea and Mike review the research on afterschool programming, and the research on society's attitudes toward these programs. Research, theory, and practice are weaved together in this exciting book.


Full of case studies and practical ideas, this book will help you design, renovate, or improve your after-school program. If you work with children, this book will help you with your most important task: facilitating the positive development of the children in your care.

Super Tools Card Game:

This game features all 30 of the powerful tools from our popular behavior management workshop for toolcardsuse in 40 supplied behavior scenarios. Players read the scenarios and play a variety of games that help them apply the tools to the scenario. There are at least five ways to play: Best Tool Wins, Speed Tools, Tool Duel, Simply the Best, Open Share, or a new invention of your own.

Price: $6.95 per deck.

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© 2012

70 colorful playing cards held together with a nice rubber band.


Games that Build Community F.A.S.T. :Games that Build Community F.A.S.T.

The LITTLE big book of the popular games featured in our teambuilding workshops… a small, portable, pocket or backpack-friendly (4 X 6 inch) resource for afterschool educators, school-age child caregivers, recreation assistants, group leaders, and camp counselors.

by Chelsea and Mike Ashcraft
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© 2016

70 pages, paperback