Lovin’ Learnin: Sneakin’ in the Standards

Do you want lots of fun and engaging activities that focus on academics? Do you want children to learn without losing the playful, engaging, characteristics that make afterschool such an enjoyable part of childhood?  Don’t miss this event. 

You don’t have to choose between fun and academics. When learning is active, engaging, hands-on, novel, relevant, and playful… learning is a whole lotta fun!  We can stay true to the playful nature and positive relationships that make afterschool special AND significantly enhance academic achievement. Learn how to create programs that are playful, appealing, unique, interactive, AND are intentionally designed to “SNEAK IN” specific academic standards and simultaneously help kids develop a love of learning to last a lifetime. 

The full-day and multi-day session includes English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science Standards.  Another option: focusing on one or two content areas (i.e. Sneakin’ in the Science Standards).  This unique event is delivered by BOTH Mike and Chelsea. It includes lots of hands-on activities and consumable supplies, so there is a handling and materials fee based on the client’s wants and needs.   Available as a multi-day, full-day or 1.5 to 3-hour workshop.


Lovin' Learnin' - B.A.S.K. in Afterschool

Mixin' in Math Handout

Sneakin' in Science Handout

English/Language Arts & Social Studies Handout


Printable Post-It Template

post it template


Lego Movie Literacy Pack



Tic Tac Toe Game



Reading Comprehension Dice Game

read dice


Feelings Dice Game


Letter Dice Game


Parts of Speech Dice Game