Leading to Learn: Learning to Lead Organizational Leadership for the Child Care & Youth Development Director

How can you develop a motivated, enthusiastic, high performing staff team with a high level ofLeading to Learn commitment?  Attend this workshop! Often times, people who work well with children become leaders and administrators of the program. The purpose of this workshop is to help those leaders be more effective. Explore the complex systems of afterschool leadership, leaderly learning, and learn how to develop vision, and a culture of innovation, empowerment and teamwork. Good leaders are always learning. They learn to lead, and they lead to learn. 

Good leaders help others learn, thus creating more leaders.
Available as a 1.5 to full day workshop.


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Leading to Learn Handout

Narrative Handout - a 35-page excerpt from the book.

F.O.C.U.S…. The Facilitative Feedback Flywheel

Feedback is a fundamental and crucial practice of an effective leader. Continuous learning and improvement is “mission critical” for educators and caregivers who share in the mission of helping kids develop life skills. Being able to give employees clear and constructive feedback about their performance is essential for facilitating (making easier) their own continual development. In this session, we will share tried and true tips and tricks for giving feedback that is FOCUSED on issues, not personalities; FOCUSED on results; and FOCUSED on future success. Learn skills for giving feedback that will make your job as a leader easier, more fun, and more effective. Learn how to develop a culture that takes advantage of the learning opportunities inherent in mistakes.

F.O.C.U.S. Handout

9 Steps to Creating a Culture of Caring

Learn the secret strategies we used to be named the #1 Top Workplace in New Mexico. In this session, we will share the successful systems and powerful practices we use to create an organizational culture of caring, collaboration, and commitment. Learn how to get the right people with the right stuff to work for your organization. Learn how to decrease staff turnover, conflict and stress while increasing productivity, empowerment, and job satisfaction. Learn how YOU can create a culture of caring by creating rituals, establishing relevancy, and investing in relationships. Learn the art and science of making creativity, celebration, and continuous quality improvement core components of your culture.

9 Steps to Create Culture Handout