20 Brain-Based Techniques & Tricks for Trainers

In this unique “Train-the-Trainers” session, beginning and expert trainers get front-of-the-room skills in a brain-compatible learning context.  By learning powerful cutting edge skills and simple teaching strategies trainers will build self-confidence and feel stress disappear.  Learn all our secrets! Learn how to reach the reluctant learner and how to increase learner participation.  Learn how to involve learners in the process and keep them engaged.  Learn how to get productive responses from learners and how to increase buy in and participation.  Learn the art and genius of timing in learning activities.  Learn which music to use and how.  Learn energizers and ice-breakers that work.  Learn how to give flawless directions that learners understand every time.  This highly practical training is designed with the “brain in mind.”  This unique event is delivered by BOTH Mike and Chelsea.  A full-day or multi-day event.